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The interval between corresponding points on consecutive pulses. Also called PULSE INTERVAL.

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A device in which a voltage pulse through a solenoid coil causes reciprocating motion by a solenoid plunger, and this is transformed into rotary motion through a definite angle by ratchet-and-pawl mechanisms or other mechanical linkages.


A technique in which an object placed in a spatially varying magnetic field is subjected to a pulse of radio-frequency radiation, and the resulting nuclear magnetic resonance spectra are combined to give cross-sectional images. Abbreviated MRI.


A ceilometer in which the time taken by a light pulse from a ground laser to travel straight up to a cloud ceiling and be reflected to a receiving photomultiplier is measured and converted into a cathode-ray display that indicates cloud-base height.


A tachometer in which each rotation of a shaft generates an electric pulse and the time rate of pulses is then measured; classified as capacitory-current, inductory, or interrupted direct-current tachometer.


Heat-sealing of plastic materials by applying a pulse of intense thermal energy to the sealing area for a very short time, followed immediately by cooling.


A system using pulsed radio transmissions to which equipment carried by friendly forces automatically responds, by emitting a pulse code, thereby identifying themselves from enemy forces; a method of determining the friendly or unfriendly character of aircraft, ships, and army units by other aircraft, ships, or ground force units. Abbreviated IFF.


The specified time interval of a Loran C chain for all stations of the chain to transmit their pulse groups. For each chain a minimum group repetition interval (GRI) is selected of sufficient duration to provide time for each station to transmit its pulse group and additional time between each pulse group so that signals from two or more stations cannot overlap in time anywhere within the coverage area. The GRI is normally stated in terms of tens of microseconds; i.e., the GRI having a duration of 79,900 microseconds is stated as 7900.


A radar transmitter which sends out a pulse that triggers a transponder. An interrogator may be combined in a single unit with a responsor, which receives the reply from a transponder and produces an output suitable for feeding a display system; the combined unit is called INTERROGATOR-RESPONDER. Also called CHALLENGER.


The component in pulse radar which generates a succession of short pulses of energy which in turn cause a transmitter tube to oscillate during each pulse.


An azimuth or bearing distortion on a radar display caused by the width of the radar beam. See also BEAM WIDTH, PULSE LENGTH ERROR.

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