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In ice navigation, the act of an icebreaker at full power striking ice to break a track through it.

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A group of parallel holes, not all charged with explosive, to create the initial cavity to which the loaded holes break in blasting a development round. Also known as burn cut.


A short length of conductor used to make a connection between two points or terminals in a circuit or to provide a path around a break in a circuit.


1. A method of driving piles or well points into sand by using a jet of water to break the soil. 2. During molding of plastics, the turbulent flow of molten resin from an undersized gate or thin section into a thicker.


Additive used to reduce foaming in petroleum products: silicone oil to break up large surface bubbles, and various kinds of polymers that decrease the amount of small bubbles entrained in the oils.


A rupture, break, or disintegration of a material or part of a system.


An irresponsible and reckless individual whose behavior (either intended or unintended) endangers the group he or she belongs to. A loose cannon, weighing thousands of pounds, would crush anything and anyone in its path, and possibly even break a hole in the hull, thus endangering the seaworthiness of the whole ship.


Arranges shipments for customers usually break bulk. Does not actually carry the cargo or conduct business for the ship.


A chronometer equipped with an electrical contact assembly and program wheel which automatically makes or breaks an electric circuit at precise intervals, the sequence and duration of circuitopen circuit closed conditions being recorded on a chronograph. The program sequence is controlled by the design of the program wheel installed. Various programs of make or break sequence, up to 60 seconds, are possible. In some chronometers the breaks occur every other second, on the even seconds, and a break occurs also on the 59th second to identify the beginning of the minute; in other chronometers, breaks occur every second except at the beginning of the minute. By recording the occurrence of events (such as star transits) on a chronograph sheet along with the chronometer breaks, the chronometer times of those occurrences are obtained.


1. A zone of the atmosphere within which there is a comparatively rapid transition of any meteorological element. 2. A break in sequence of continuity of anything


A ship constructed with upper deck extending throughout her entire length without a break or a superstructure, such as forecastle, bridge or poop

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