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A mode of operation of a radionavigation system in which the times for the radio signals to travel from each transmitting station to the receiver are measured rather than their differences as in the HYPERBOLIC MODE. Also called RHO-RHO MODE, RANGE-RANGE MODE.

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A valve fitted with a plug that has a hole through which fluid flows and that is rotatable through 90 for operation in the open or closed position. Also known as plug cock.


The prepositioning of an object by a worker for a subsequent operation in the performance of a task.


The planning and specification of the sequence of steps or events in the operation of a numerically controlled machine tool.


In the group technology concept, a set of related parts that can be produced by the same sequence of machining operations because of similarity in shape and geometry or similarity in production operation processes.


A roof in which the 381 operation process chart operations sequence entire process, including the points at which materials are introduced, the sequence of inspections, and all operations not involved in material handling.


A job, usually performed in one location, and consisting of one or more work elements.


1. A condition existing when the drive rod of the drill swivel head is not centered and parallel with the borehole being drilled. 2. A borehole that has deviated from its intended course. 3. A condition existing wherein any linear excavation (shaft, drift, borehole) deviates from a previously determined or intended survey line or course. 4. State in which an equipment or subsystem is in standby, maintenance, or mode of operation other than online.


The fuel octane number needed for efficient operation (without knocking or spark retardation) of an internal combustion engine.


1. Term indicating that a predetermined number of separate impulses are required to complete operation of a relay. 2. Cutting out various shapes from the ends or edges of a workpiece.


[MECHENG] The operation of a boiler or pressure vessel at or below the conditions of coincident pressure and temperature for which the vessel has been designed.

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