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An orbit, usually but not exclusively, the best two-body orbit available, on the basis of which the perturbations are computed.

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An antenna system used in conical scan radar, in which a dipole or feed horn moves in a small circular orbit about the axis of a paraboloidal reflector without changing its polarization.


1. See INCLINATION, definition 2. 2. As defined by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the angle determined by the plane containing an orbit and the plane of th


A central force orbit that is tangent to the real (or disturbed) orbit at some point. A fictitious satellite traveling in the intermediate orbit would have the same position, but not the same velocity, as the real satellite at the point of tangency


The straight line connecting the two points of intersection of the orbit of a planet, planetoid, or comet and the ecliptic; or the line of intersection of the planes of the orbits of a satellite and the equator of its primary.


The line connecting the two points of an orbit that are nearest and farthest from the center of attraction, such as the perigee and apogee of the moon or the perihelion and aphelion of a planet. Also called APSE LINE.


Either of the two orbital points nearest or farthest from the center of attraction, the perihelion and aphelion in the case of an orbit about the sun, and the perigee and apogee in the case of an orbit about the earth. The line connecting these two points is called LINE OF APSIDES.


In an elliptical orbit, the point in the orbit which is the farthest distance from the focus, where the attracting mass is located. The apocenter is at one end of the major axis of the orbital ellipse. The opposite is PERICENTER, PERIFOCUS, PERIAPSIS. Also called APOAPSIS, APOFOCUS


That point in the elliptical orbit of a body about the sun farthest from the sun. That point nearest the sun is called PERIHELION.


That orbital point of a non-circular orbit farthest from the center of attraction. Opposite is PERIGEE


Either of the two points on an orbit where a line in the orbit plane, perpendicular to the line of nodes, and passing through the focus, intersects the orbit.

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