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A plain with low vegetation, especially in the sub-tropical latitudes.

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A truss too low to permit overhead braces.


A method of computing trajectories of missiles with low velocities (so that drag is proportional to the velocity squared) and quadrant angles of departure that may be high, in which exact solutions of the equations of motion are arrived at by numerical integration and are then tabulated.


[ENG ACOUS] A process whereby the average transmission of the sound track of a motion picture print, averaged across the track, is decreased for signals of low level; since background noise introduced by the sound track is less at low transmission, this process reduces noise during soft passages.


A calorimeter for measuring specific heats at low temperatures, in which the heat reservoir consists of a metal of high thermal conductivity such as copper, to promote rapid temperature equalization; none of the material under study is more than a few millimeters from a metal surface, and the whole apparatus is placed in an evacuated vessel and heated by current through a platinum heating coil.


The design and production of small, three-dimensional objects, usually for manufacture in high volumes at low cost.


Steepest slope a vehicle can negotiate in low gear; usually expressed in precentage of slope, namely, the ratio between the vertical rise and the horizontal distance traveled; sometimes expressed by the angle between the slope and the horizontal.


Rapid freezing of a material, especially biological specimens for preservation, at a very low temperature followed by rapid dehydration by sublimation in a high vacuum.


The study that deals with the measurement of water vapor at low temperatures; the techniques used differ from those of conventional hygrometry because of the extremely small amounts of moisture present at low temperatures and the difficulties imposed by the increase of the time constants of the standard instruments when operated at these temperatures.


Electric network designed to be connected to a basic network, or to a basic network and a building-out network, so that the combination will simulate, at low frequencies, the sending-end impedance, including dissipation, of a line.


[ENG ACOUS] A combination volume and tone control that boosts bass frequencies when the control is set for low volume, to compensate automatically for the reduced response of the ear to low frequencies at low volcapacity.

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