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A basin containing impounded water which is released at about low water in order to maintain the desired depth in the entrance channel by scouring the bottom. Also called SLUICING POND.

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A pipe leading to the bottom of an oil or water tank, for guiding a sounding tape or jointed rod when measuring the depth of liquid in the tank.
Sounding pipes in the engine room are normally fitted with deadweight cocks and screw caps. Caps and cocks should be closed at all times, except when sounding tanks.


The effect that due to the depth of water, the speed of the vessel and shape of the vessel's hull causes the vessel to sink deeper in the water especially in shallow water and at high speed. The vessel becomes sluggish in responding to the rudder.


1. An instrument that measures the penetrating power of a beam of xrays or other penetrating radiation. 2. An instrument used to determine the consistency of a material by measurement of the depth to which a standard needle penetrates into it under standard conditions.


1. In induction heating, the thickness of a layer, extending inward from a conductor's surface, whose resistance to direct current equals the resistance of the whole conductor to alternating current of a given frequency. 2. The greatest depth in an ultrasonic test piece at which indications can be measured.


1. A well or borehole, or a portion thereof, that has not been lined with steel tubing at the depth referred to. 2. An unobstructed borehole. 3. A borehole being drilled without cores.


A bottlelike water-sampling device with valves at both ends that is lowered into the water by wire; at the desired depth it is activated by a messenger which strikes the reversing mechanism and inverts the bottle, closing the valves and trapping the water sample inside. Also known as Petterson-Nansen water n-body problem depth for navigation purposes.


The apparent depth of a borehole as measured along its longitudinal axis.


1. The depth of liquid above an opening from which gas or vapor issues, as for a riser in a distillation-column tray. 2. Product drawoff in which a depth of liquid prevents the outflow of gas or vapor.


The depth of the shot hole, in which powder is placed, or the size of the block of coal or rock to be loosened by a single blast, measured parallel with the hole.


A spline having the same general form as involute gear teeth, except that the teeth are one-half the depth and the pressure angle is 30 .

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