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In a radionavigation system, the station of a chain whose emissions are made with reference to the emissions of a master station, its emissions being triggered by the emissions of the master station.

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A conveyor with a series of steel plates as the carrying medium; each plate is a short trough, all slightly overlapped to form an articulated band, and attached to one center chain or to two side chains; the chains join rollers running on an angle-iron framework and transmit the drive from the driveheads, installed at intermediate points and sometimes also at the head or tail ends.


A chain with links held together by pivot pins; used with sprocket wheels.


1. A standardized part of a surveyor's chain, which is 7.92 inches (20.1168 centimeters) in the Gunter's chain and 1 foot (30.48 centimeters) in the engineer's chain. 2. One of the rings of a chain. 3. A connecting piece in the moving parts of a machine.


A rod or chain connecting an outside structure such as a retaining wall to a buried anchor plate.


1. A chain made of light wire, with links arranged in figure-eights with loops at right angles. 2. A toothed endless chain for moving logs.


A pulley used to guide and tighten the belt or chain of a conveyor system.


A fiber rope, wire rope, or chain by means of which force is exerted on the sheaves and pulleys of a hoisting machine.


Chain made from heattreatable plain-carbon steel, usually with a carbon content of 0.150.20; used for load binding, tie-downs, and other applications where failure would be costly.


The specified time interval of a Loran C chain for all stations of the chain to transmit their pulse groups. For each chain a minimum group repetition interval (GRI) is selected of sufficient duration to provide time for each station to transmit its pulse group and additional time between each pulse group so that signals from two or more stations cannot overlap in time anywhere within the coverage area. The GRI is normally stated in terms of tens of microseconds; i.e., the GRI having a duration of 79,900 microseconds is stated as 7900.


Heavy chain used with permanent moorings and connecting the various legs or bridles

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