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1. A relatively long arm of the sea or ocean forming a channel between an island and a mainland or connecting two larger bodies of water, as a sea and the ocean, or two parts of the same body but usually wider and more extensive than a strait. The term has been applied to many features which do not fit the accepted definition. Many are very large bodies of water such as Mississippi Sound and Prince William Sound, others are mere salt water ponds or small passages between islands. 2. A vibratory disturbance in air or some other elastic medium, capable of being heard by the human ear, and generally of a frequency between about 20 and 20,000 cycles per second.

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The lowest temperature at which a liquid gives off sufficient vapor to form a flammable mixture with air near the surface of the liquid. The flashpoint temperature is determined by laboratory testing in a prescribed apparatus.

Establishes the danger point when transferring, pumping, and firing procedures are concerned.


The application of air photography to ecology, integrated land resource studies, and forestry.


The level of air contaminants that represents an acceptable exposure level as specified in standards set by a national government agency; generally expressed as 8-hour time-weighted average concentrations. Abbreviated PEL.


A drilling machine usually using compressed air to drive a piston that delivers a series of impacts to the shank end of a drill rod or steel and attached bit.


Air-agitated, solidliquid mixing vessel in which the air is injected into the bottom of a center draft tube; air and solids rise through the tube, with solids exiting the top of the tube and falling through the bulk of the liquid.


A gas turbine prime mover in which air is compressed in the compressor element, fuel is injected and burned in the combustor, and the hot products are expanded in the turbine element and exhausted to the atmosphere.


A mechanical or electrical device used to move a radar beam in a circular, conical, spiral, or other manner periodically to obtain greater air surveillance than could be obtained with a stationary beam.


Aburnerinwhich injection nozzles mix air and fuel gas at the 374 burner tile. nozzle throat with the


A blow-molding technique in which air is injected into the plastic article through a hollow needle inserted in the parison.


A cooling tower that depends upon natural convection of air flowing upward and in contact with the water to be cooled.

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