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In a wave basin, the beach on which the entering waves spend themselves, except for the small remainder entering the inner harbor.

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A portion of a beach especially prepared with a hard surface extending into the water, employed for the purpose of loading or unloading directly into landing ships or landing craft


That part of a beach which is usually dry, being reached only by the highest tides, and by extension, a narrow strip of relatively flat coast bordering the sea.


The carrying away of beach materials by wave action, tidal or littoral currents, or wind


The zone of unconsolidated material that extends landward from the low water line to the place where there is a marked change in material or physiographic form, or to the line of permanent veg- etation (usually the effective limit of storm waves). A beach includes foreshore and backshore. The beach along the margin of the sea may be called SEABEACH. Also called STRAND, espe- cially when the beach is composed of sand. See also TIDELAND.


A nearly horizontal portion of a beach or backshore having an abrupt fall and formed by wave deposition of material and marking the limit of ordinary high tides. Also called BEACH BERM.


That part of the shore or beach which lies between the low water mark and the upper limit of normal wave action.


To run a vessel upon a beach to prevent its sinking in deep water


The narrow zone seaward from the low tide shoreline, permanently covered by water, over which the beach sands and gravels actively oscillate with changing wave conditions.


1. A narrow channel or sound within a sand bank, or between a sand bank and the shore. 2. A bar over which the sea washes. 3. The rush of water up onto the beach following the breaking of a wave.


The region of breaking waves near a beach or over a detached reef.

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