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A closed figure having arcs of three great circles as sides.

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[SYS ENG] A graph-theoretic representation of a decision, which may include four types of nodes (decision, chance, value, and deterministic), directed arcs between the nodes (which identify dependencies between them), a marginal or conditional probability distribution defined at each chance node, and a mathematical function associated with each of the other types of node.


Admiralty Raster Chart Service electronic raster charts produced by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office


A small globe representing the celestial sphere, on which the apparent positions of the stars are indicated. It is usually provided with graduated arcs and a suitable mount for determining the approximate altitude and azimuth of the stars, to serve as a star finder. Star globes are more commonly used by the British than by Americans. Also called CELESTIAL GLOBE.


A diagram in which the celestial equator appears as a circle, and celestial meridians and hour circles as radial lines; used to facilitate solution of time problems and others involving arcs of the celestial equator or angles at the pole, by indicating relations between various quantities involved. Conventionally the relation- ships are given as viewed from a point over the south pole westward direction being counterclockwise. Also called DIAGRAM ON THE PLANE OF THE CELESTIAL EQUATOR, DIAGRAM ON THE PLANE OF THE EQUINOCTIAL.


A closed figure having three sides. The triangle is plane, spherical, or curvilinear as the sides are straight lines, arcs of great circles, or curves, respectively.


A former process that used electric arcs for fixation (oxidation) of atmospheric nitrogen to manufacture nitric acid.


A beam bounded by arcs having different centers of curvature, with the central section the largest.


A closed ring formed of helically wound wire.

Such springs used to secure carbon ring packing segments in a turbogenerator gland.


A valve fitted with a plug that has a hole through which fluid flows and that is rotatable through 90 for operation in the open or closed position. Also known as plug cock.


1. A valve or sluice gate for regulating water or sewage flow. 2. A closed water conduit controlled by valves and located between the intake and the turbine in a hydroelectric plant.

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