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1. A four-sided geometrical figure with all sides equal and all angles 90°; a rectangle or right-angled parallelogram with sides of equal length. 2. The second power of a quantity.

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A servomechanism in which power is supplied and transmission of signals is carried out through the medium of compressed air.


The ratio of the average power load of an electric power plant to its rated capacity. Also known as capacity factor.


A diode consisting of a silicon wafer containing nearly equal p-type and ntype impurities, with additional p-type impurities diffused from one side and additional n-type impurities from the other side; this leaves a lightly doped intrinsic layer in the middle, to act as a dielectric barrier between the n-type and p-type regions. Also known as power diode.


A change of polyphase power from three-phase to six-phase, from three-phase to twelve-phase, and so forth, by use of transformers.


A converter that changes the number of phases in an alternatingcurrent power source without changing the frequency.


A method of detecting faults in an electric power system in which signals are transmitted from each of two terminals every half cycle so that a continuous signal is received at an intermediate point if there is no fault between the terminals, while a periodic signal is received if there is a fault.


1. An instrument that measures the penetrating power of a beam of xrays or other penetrating radiation. 2. An instrument used to determine the consistency of a material by measurement of the depth to which a standard needle penetrates into it under standard conditions.


Pertaining to a key and keyway with longitudinal ribs and grooves that project beyond the center, as used in pin-tumbler to another in an electric network over multiple paths, in accordance with Kirchhoff's laws. 2. In particular, the flow of electric current through electric power systems over paths other than the contractual path.


Current, voltage, or power level beyond which permanent damage occurs.


Power delivered by a system or transducer to its load.

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