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To proceed on the same course.

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A railway signal indicating the train must stop but can proceed slowly and cautiously after a specified interval, usually 1 minute.


A certificate issued by a classification society surveyor to allow a vessel to proceed after she has met with a mishap that may have affected its seaworthiness. It is frequently issued to enable a vessel to proceed, after temporary repairs have been effected, to another port where permanent repairs are then carried out.


An area generally outside port limits that is specifically designated as suitable for the transshipment of oil or other materials from large ships to smaller ones. As the purpose of transshipment is usually to reduce the draft of the larger vessel to allow her to proceed to port, the operation is often known as lightening and the area may be called lightening area or cargo transfer area


A wind which aids a craft in making progress in a desired direction. Used chiefly in connection with sailing vessels, when it refers to a wind which permits the vessel to proceed in the desired direction without tacking. See also FOLLOWING WIND.


Surrounded by fog. The term is used particularly with reference to vessels which are unable to proceed because of the fog.


A certificate issued by a classification society surveyor allowing a vessel with a mishap affecting its seaworthiness to proceed to another port where permanent repairs can be carried out.


To sail or head for a certain position or to continue the voyage


Unable to proceed because of insufficient depth of water due to tidal action.


The absence without leave of a member of the crew or failing to join the ship in due time after signing an agreement to proceed at sea.


The extreme displacement of the ship when fully equipped and ready to proceed to sea, but with no crew, passengers, stores, fuel, water, or cargo on board. The boilers are filled with water to their working level and lube oil is to levels.

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