A combination transmitter and receiver in a single housing, with some components being used by both parts.

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(1) chemically speaking, a distinct substance formed by the combination of two or more elements in definite proportions by weight and possessing physical and chemical properties different from those of the combining elements. (2) in petroleum processing, generally connotes fatty oils and similar materials foreign to petroleum added to lubricants to impart special properties.


Vessel designed for a combination of passengers, and different types of cargo.


The projection of circular motion on a diameter of the circle of such motion. Simple harmonic motion is produced if the circular motion is of constant speed. The combination of two or more simple harmonic motions results in compound harmonic motion.


A device which indicates either flow rate, total flow, or a combination of both.


Radionavigation based on the measurement of the time differences in the reception of signals from several pairs of synchronized transmitters. For each pair of transmitters the isochrones are substantially hyperbolic. The combination of isochrones for two or more pairs of transmitters forms a hyperbolic lattice within which position can be determined according to the measured time differences


The chemical combination of similar-type molecules to form larger molecules.


A measure of the total acidity or basicity of an oil; this includes organic or inorganic acids or bases or a combination thereof (ASTM DesignationD974-58T) .


A combination of pump, pump drive, reservoir, controls and conditioning components which may be required for its application.


The combination of static suction lift and friction head in the suction piping when the source of liquid is below the pump centerline.


A combination device used as a strainer and moisture remover.

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