Above water.

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A thermometer with an uncovered bulb, used with a wet-bulb thermometer to determine atmosphere humidity. The two thermometers constitute the essential parts of a PSYCHROMETER.


1. An isolated rocky formation or single large stone, usually one constituting a danger navigation. It may be always submerged, always uncovered, or alternately covered and uncovered by the tide. A pinnacle is a sharp-pointed rock rising from the bottom. 2. The naturally occurring material that forms the firm, hard, and solid masses of the ocean floor. Also, rock is a collective term for hard material generally not smaller than 256 millimeters.


Any marsh the surface of which is covered and uncovered by tidal flow.


Land which is under water at high tide and uncovered at low tide.


1. The process of digging a hollow in the earth. 2. An uncovered cavity in the ground.


A revolving-block engine in which two opposing pistons operate in a single cylinder with two rollers attached to each piston; intake ports are uncovered when the pistons are closest together, and exhaust ports are uncovered when they are farthest apart.

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