A marine sextant providing a precise reading by means of a vernier used directly with the arc, and having either a clamp screw or an endless tangent screw for controlling the position of the index arm. The micrometer drum on a micrometer drum sextant may include a vernier to enable a more precise reading.

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A screw with a recessed hex shaped head.


Radionavigation based on the measurement of the time differences in the reception of signals from several pairs of synchronized transmitters. For each pair of transmitters the isochrones are substantially hyperbolic. The combination of isochrones for two or more pairs of transmitters forms a hyperbolic lattice within which position can be determined according to the measured time differences


A radarscope phenomenon which appears as a constriction or expansion of the display near the center of the plan position indicator, which can be caused by a nonlinear time base or the sweep plot starting on the radar indicator at the same instant as the transmission of the pulse. The phenomenon is most apparent when in narrow rivers or close to shore.


A dip needle with a sliding weight that can be moved along one of its arms to balance magnetic force, used to determine the correct position of a heeling magnet.


The correction to sextant altitude due to dip of the horizon. Also called DIP CORRECTION


A sextant prism which can be rotated to any angle corresponding to altitudes between established limits. It is the bubble or pendulum sextant counterpart of the INDEX MIRROR of a marine sextant.


The mirror attached to the index arm of a marine sextant


A slender bar carrying an index; particularly the bar which pivots at the center of curvature of the arc of a marine sextant and carries the index and the vernier or micrometer.


The act, process, or instance of change of position. Absolute motion is motion relative to a fixed point. Actual motion is motion of an object relative to the earth. Apparent or relative motion is change of position as observed from a reference point which may itself be in motion. Diurnal motion is the apparent daily motion of a celestial body. Direct motion is the apparent motion of a planet eastward among the stars; retrograde motion, the apparent motion westward among the stars. Motion of a celestial body through space is called space motion, which is composed of two components: proper motion, that component perpendicular to the line of sight; and radial motion, that component in the direction of the line of sight. Also called MOVEMENT, especially when used in connection with problems involving the motion of one vessel relative to another.


On throttling-type governors, the safety stop is a weighted arm that needs the support of a governor belt. If the belt breaks, the idler arm drops and shuts the steam supply valve to the engine. On Corliss units, the flyballs fall to the lowest position and knock off the safety cams; the cams disengage the catch blocks on the steam intake valves so that no steam is admitted to the engine.

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