A basin close to the inner entrance of a harbor in which the waves from the outer entrance are absorbed, thus reducing the size of the waves entering the inner harbor.

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The fluid entering a component.


A filter intended to prevent only large particles from entering a component immediately downstream. Also known as Grit control filter, Last-chance filter


The process of determining intermediate values between given values in accordance with some known or assumed rate or system of change. Linear interpolation assumes that changes of tabulated values are proportional to changes in entering argu- ments. Interpolation is designated as single, double, or triple if there are one, two, or three arguments or variables respectively.


An instrument with the optics so arranged that the light rays entering the objective of the lens meet at the crosshairs and appear inverted when viewed through the eyepiece without altering the orientation of the image. See also ERECTING TELE- SCOPE.


Interpolation in which changes of tabulated values are assumed to be proportional to changes in entering arguments.


One of the values used for entering a table or diagram.


A designated area for discharging solid ballast before entering harbor


The difference between two declinations, particularly between the declination of a celestial body and the value used as an argument for entering a table.


A single entering argument table in which values of the quantity to be found are tabulated for limiting values of the entering argument. In such a table interpolation is avoided through dividing the argument into intervals so chosen that successive intervals correspond to successive values of the required quantity, called the respondent. For any value of the argument within these intervals, the respondent can be extracted from the table without interpolation. The lower and upper limits (critical values) of the argument correspond to half-way values of the respondent and, by convention, are chosen so that when the argument is equal to one of the critical values, the respondent corresponding to the preceding (upper) interval is to be used.


A radar reflector consisting of two flat surfaces intersecting mutually at right angles. Incident radar waves entering the aperture so formed with a direction of incidence perpendicular to the edge, are returned parallel to their direction of incidence. Also called RIGHT ANGLE REFLECTOR.

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