An apparatus for surveying rock areas where the normal sounding methods are insufficient to insure the discovery of all existing obstructions above a given depth, or for determining the least depth of an area. It consists of a buoyed wire towed at the desired depth by two vessels. Often shortened to DRAG. See also DRAG -

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A lock of very large size and usually of irregular shape, the gates of which are kept open for several hours after high tide so that vessels may enter as long as there is sufficient depth over the sill. Vessels remain in the half-tide basin until the ensuing flood tide before they may pass through the gate to the inner harbor. If entry to the inner harbor is required before this time, water must be admitted to the half-tide basin from some external source.


The pressure at any point in a liquid at rest; equal to the depth of the liquid multiplied by its density.


Dredged channels under the jurisdiction of the U.S Army Corps of Engineers, and maintained to provide an assigned CONTROLLING DEPTH. Symbolized on National Ocean Survey charts by black, broken lines to represent side limits, with the con- trolling depth and date of the survey given together with a tabulation of more detailed information


A narrow body of water extending into the land from a larger body of water. A long, narrow inlet with gradually decreasing depth inward is called a ria. Also called ARM, TONGUE.


A zone around an island that extends from the low water line to a depth at which there is usually a marked increase of slope towards oceanic depths.


A depth finder that uses sound waves to determine the depth of water.


Having equal depth


A narrow strip of land connecting two larger portions of land. A submarine elevation joining two land areas and separating two basins or depressions by a depth less than that of the basins is called a submarine isthmus.


A sailor who takes soundings with a lead, measuring the depth of water.


The measurement of the depth of water.

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