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An assembly consisting of adapter sleeve, locknut and lockwasher.

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In the extrusion of plastic pipe, the entire equipment assembly used to fabricate the pipe (such as the extruder, die, cooling bath, haul-off, and cutter).


In manufacturing circuit boards and integrated circuits, a process in which the etching pattern is placed over the circuit board or semiconductor material, the board or chip is placed in a special solution, and the assembly is exposed to light.


A device for obtaining ocean bottom cores up to about 4 feet (1.2 meters) in length; consists of an upper tube, main body weight, and tailfin assembly with a check valve that prevents the flow of water into the upper section and a consequent washing out of the core sample while hoisting the corer.


A membrane assembly that performs an ion-exchange function, for example, desalting in a membrane water-desalting process.


The assembly of all parts of an injection mold except the cavity, cores, and pins.


1. A packaged assembly of wired components, built in a standardized size and having standardized plug-in or solderable terminations. 2. A unit of size used as a basic component for standardizing the design and construction of buildings, building parts, and furniture.


1. A building that is constructed of preassembled or presized units of standard sizes; uses a 4-inch (10.16-centimeter) cubical module as a reference. 2. An assembly involving the use of integral multiples of a given length for the dimensions of electronic components and electronic equipment, as well as for spacings of holes in a chassis or printed wiring board. 3. An assembly made from modules.


A self-contained unit of individual identity; a completed assembly of component parts ready for operation, but utilized as a portion of, and intended for further installation in, an end item or major item.


A graph showing the amount of work still to be performed by a factory producing unit such as a machine or assembly group.


1. A component part of the overshot assembly that grasps and lifts the inner tube or a wire-line core barrel. 2. A clawlike hook for grasping cylindrical objects, such as drill rods or casing, while raising and lowering them.

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