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The milling machine attachment, which converts the rotary motion of the spindle into reciprocating motion for cutting keyways, splines etc.

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A device which converts mechanical force and motion into pneumatic flow power.


Any fluid applied to a cutting tool to assist in the cutting operation by cooling, lubricating or other means.


A sliding type of bearing having either rotating or oscillatory motion and in conjunction with which a journal operates. In a full or sleeve type journal bearing, the bearing surface is 360° in extent. In a partial bearing, the bearing surface is less than 360° in extent, i.e., 150°, 120°, etc.


A fluid used to remove heat. See Cutting fluid.


Oil-insoluble materials that result from oxidation and decomposition of lube oil and contamination from external sources and engine blow-by. These can settle out on machine or engine parts. Examples are sludge, varnish, lacquer and carbon.


The projection of circular motion on a diameter of the circle of such motion. Simple harmonic motion is produced if the circular motion is of constant speed. The combination of two or more simple harmonic motions results in compound harmonic motion.


Cushioning material placed among cargo to prevent their motion


Additive included in the formulations of water-mixed cutting fluids to inhibit the growth of bacteria promoted by the presence of water, thus preventing odors that can result from bacterial action.


The progressive removal of a machine surface by cavitation or by particle impingement at high velocities.


Sudden, unexpected failure of a machine resulting in considerable cost and downtime.
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