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Means from the baseline from which the territorial sea of the territory in questions is established in accordance with the international law.

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The extension of the baseline in both directions beyond the transmitters of a pair of radio stations operating in con- junction for determination of a line of position.


A short baseline directional antenna system used to generate Consol signals


The longitudinal curve of a vessel's decks in a vertical plane. Due to sheer, a vessel's deck height above the baseline is higher at the stem and stern than at amidships


A fore-and-aft reference line at the upper surface of the flat plate keel at the centerline for flush shell plated vessels. Vertical dimensions are measured from a horizontal plane through the baseline, often called the molded baseline.


The vertical distance from the molded baseline to the top of the freeboard deck beam at side, measured at midlength of the ship


In ultrasonic testing, a method of data presentation on a CRT with the horizontal baseline indicating distance or time and the vertical deflections from the baseline indicating amplitude of the ultrasonic reflection.


(CBM) a maintenance plan, conducted on a frequent or real-time basis, which is based on the use of Condition Monitoring to determine when part replacement or other corrective action is required. This process involves establishing a baseline and operating parameters, then frequently monitoring the machine and comparing any changes in operating conditions to the baseline. Repairs or replacement of parts are carried out before the machinery fails based upon the use of the tools prescribed for CM.


In tracking, the cosine of the angle between a baseline and the line connecting the center of the baseline with the target.


The band of water outside or beyond the territorial sea in which a coastal nation may exercise customs control and enforce public health and other regulations.


For application to the provisions of the Marine Protection, Research, and Sanctuaries Act of 1972, those waters of the open sea lying seaward of the base line from which the territorial sea is measured.
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