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A fire fueled by a combustible metal, i.e. magnesium, potassium, sodium.

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The top of the piston in an internal combustion engine above the fire ring, exposed to direct flame impingement.


Requirements for fire tube boilers.


A cannon pointing forward or aft, often of longer range than other guns. Those on the bow (bow chaser) were used to fire upon a ship ahead, while those on the rear (stern chaser) were used to ward off pursuing vessels. Unlike guns pointing to the side, chasers could be brought to bear in a chase without slowing.


An arrangement of gun turrets whereby the turret on one side of the ship is placed further aft than the one on the other side, so that both turrets can fire to either side.


A list which shows the vessel's complement and details their various duties in connection with fire and boat drills.


A water filled section surrounding the firebox in some types of fire tube boilers.


A firetube boiler having an internal furnace such as a scotch, locomotive firebox, vertical tubular, or other type having a water-cooled plate type furnace.


Accomplished by heating the steel beyond the critical temperature and following by relatively fast cooling. If heating for hardening is being accomplished in the forge fire the color should be a full red and to check on the temperature a magnet may be used, as the steel at or above the critical temperature should be non-magnetic. If the magnet is being used while the temperature is being raised from the room temperature, the correct point to stop heating is where the steel no longer responds to the pull of the magnet. If a furnace is being used to heat the steel to the hardening heat a pyrometer aids greatly in determining the critical temperature.


A heat-insulating material, such as firebrick or plastic fire clay, used for purposes as lining combustion chambers.


A covering of sheets of metal or other material such as fire resistant composition board used to enclose all or a portion of a steam-generating unit.
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