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Completeness. A circuit with continuity is a closed circuit.

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A chronometer equipped with an electrical contact assembly and program wheel which automatically makes or breaks an electric circuit at precise intervals, the sequence and duration of circuitopen circuit closed conditions being recorded on a chronograph. The program sequence is controlled by the design of the program wheel installed. Various programs of make or break sequence, up to 60 seconds, are possible. In some chronometers the breaks occur every other second, on the even seconds, and a break occurs also on the 59th second to identify the beginning of the minute; in other chronometers, breaks occur every second except at the beginning of the minute. By recording the occurrence of events (such as star transits) on a chronograph sheet along with the chronometer breaks, the chronometer times of those occurrences are obtained.


A closed circuit antenna in the form of a loop, lying in the same plane, or of several loops lying in parallel planes.


A process using interconnected components that form a closed circuit in which refrigerant is circulated for the purpose of absorbing and then releasing heat for the purpose of cooling.


A cylindrical shell closed at both ends, designed to withstand internal pressure.


The sudden displacement or movement of water in a closed vessel or drum.


Seawater to flow into the vessel due to damage to its hull, or hatches awash and not properly closed


A device that is operative by a variation in the conditions of one electric circuit to start the operation of other devices in the same or another electric circuit (such as pressure or temperature relay).


A ported or closed cover for the end of a filter element.


A momentary rise of pressure in a circuit.


An insulating device inserted between metallic flanges, bolts and washers to prevent electrical continuity between pipelines, sections of pipelines, hose strings and loading arms or other equipment.

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