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A collection of data arranged for ease and speed of search and retrieval.

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System Electronic Navigational Chart a database that comprises ENC data, ENC updates and other data added by the mariner that is accessed by, and displayed on, the ECDIS


A measure of the speed of computer data transmission in bits per second


The use of geochemical and biogeochemical principles and data in the search for economic deposits of minerals, petroleum, and natural gases.


A small balloon whose ascent is followed by a theodolite in order to obtain data for the computation of the speed and direction of winds in the upper air.


In an automotive vehicle, the ratio of the speed in revolutions per minute of the drive shaft to that of the drive wheels.


A tidal current that flows continually, with the direction of flow changing through 360° during the tidal period. Rotary currents are usually found offshore where the direction of flow is not restricted by any barriers. The tendency for rotation is due to the Coriolis force and, unless modified by local conditions, is clock- wise in the Northern Hemisphere and counterclockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. The speed of the current usually varies throughout the tidal cycle, passing through the two maxima in approximately opposite directions and the two minima with the direction of the current at approximately 90° from the direction at time of maximum speed.


Published data concerning the safe storage of explosives and ammunition.


A reaction turbine utilizes a jet of steam that flows from a nozzle on the rotor. Actually, the steam is directed into the moving blades by fixed blades designed to expand the steam. The result is a small increase in velocity over that of the moving blades. These blades form a wall of moving nozzles that further expand the steam. The steam flow is partially reversed by the moving blades, producing a reaction on the blades. Since the pressure drop is small across each row of nozzles (blades), the speed is comparatively low. Therefore, more rows of moving blades are needed than in an impulse turbine.


The ground-based portion of the missile guidance system necessary to provide guidance during missile flight; it specifically includes the tracking radar, the rate measuring equipment, the data link equipment, and the computer, test, and maintenance equipment integral to these items.


The speed were vibration increases to a point were the unit may self disintegrate.

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