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Any product, material or substance is included in Division 5 if it is packaged in an aerosol container and, when tested in accordance with the method set out in Schedule VI of the Controlled Products Regulations, produces a flame projection or a flashback.

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A substance readily assuming the shape of the container in which it is placed; e.g. oil, gas, water or mixtures of these. A general classification including liquids and gases.


A container with a capacity of 55 U.S. gallons.


Lowest temperature at which an oil or distillate fuel is observed to flow, when cooled under conditions prescribed by test method ASTM D 97. The pour point is 3°C (5°F) above the temperature at which the oil in a test vessel shows no movement when the container is held horizontally for five seconds.


Corrugated cylindrical container which moves as pressures change, or provides a seal during movement of parts.


Container Liner Operators Forum


A refuse container or dustbin.


Standard BIMVO time charter for container ships.


Any refuse or rubbish which is discarded into a refuse container or dustbin which is known as 'gash fanny' (South African Navy).


Non Vessel Operating (Common) Container Carrie


A Belgian electronic computer logistic system used at the SA container terminals.
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