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A naturally occurring mineral (Fe3O4) that has magnetic properties such as the ability to attract other magnetic materials and is affected by the earth's magnetic field.

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(1) chemically speaking, a distinct substance formed by the combination of two or more elements in definite proportions by weight and possessing physical and chemical properties different from those of the combining elements. (2) in petroleum processing, generally connotes fatty oils and similar materials foreign to petroleum added to lubricants to impart special properties.


The reduction in the effective magnetic lines of force, produced by the armature current.


A measure of the concentration of dissolved mineral substances in water.


The space between magnetic poles, or between the rotating and stationary assemblies in a motor or generator.


The process of adjusting magnetic compass correctors so as to remove half of the deviation on the opposite cardinal or adjacent intercardinal headings to those on which adjustment was originally made when all deviation was removed. This is done to equalize the error on opposite headings.


A permanent magnet placed vertically in a tube under the center of a marine magnetic compass, to correct for heeling error.


Angular difference in direction between grid north and magnetic north. It is measured east or west from grid north. Grid magnetic angle is sometimes called GRID VARIATION or GRIVATION.


The smallest complete particle of an element, which can be obtained, yet which retains all physical and chemical properties of the element.


An analytical method using infrared absorption for assessing the properties of used oil and certain contaminants suspended therein. See FTIR.


A greasy, unctuous liquid of vegetable, animal, mineral or synthetic origin. Hydrocarbons in the liquid state at the prevailing temperature and pressure conditions called.
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