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A change in matter where no new type of matter is produced, i.e.; the processes of boiling, melting and freezing.

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In lubrication, either an additive or a compounded lubricant having the property of keeping insoluble matter in suspension thus preventing its deposition where it would be harmful. A detergent may also redisperse deposits already formed.


The physical or mechanical process of separating insoluble particulate matter from a fluid, such as air or liquid, by passing the fluid through a filter medium that will not allow the particulates to pass through it.


A method by which a specified volume of fluid is filtered through a membrane filter of known pore structure. All particulate matter in excess of an 'average size', determined by the membrane characteristics, is retained on its surface. Thus, the membrane is discolored by an amount proportional to the particulate level of the fluid sample. Visually comparing the test filter with standard patches of known contamination levels determines acceptability for a given fluid.


A device which removes dissolved matter from boiler pretreated water by contacting the water with ion-exchange resins.


On or above the deck, in plain view, not hiding anything. Pirates would secret their crews below decks, thereby creating the false impression that an encounter with another ship was a casual matter of chance.


Any aggregation of matter in space constituting a unit for astronomical study, as the sun, moon, a planet, comet, star, nebula, etc


The use of the doppler effect observed as a frequency shift resulting from relative motion between a transmitter and receiver of ultrasonic energy to measure the relative motion between the vessel and the reflective sea bottom (for bottom return mode) or suspended particulate matter in the seawate


The most probable position of a craft determined from incomplete data or data of questionable accuracy. Such a position might be determined by applying a correction to the dead reckoning position, as for estimated current; by plotting a line of soundings; or by plotting lines of position of questionable accuracy. If no better information is available, a dead reckoning position is an estimated position, but the expression estimated position is not customarily used in this case. The distinction between an estimated position and a fix or running fix is a matter of judgment.


1. A narrow opening between mountains, especially one with steep, rocky walls. 2. A collection of solid matter obstructing a channel, river, etc., as ice gorge


The loss representing the unliberated thermal energy occasioned by failure to oxide completely some of the combustible matter in the fuel.
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