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Supports located in fire tube boilers to prevent bulging of front and rear tube sheets.

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The front and/or back of an impeller.


The front part of a ship.


1. in, on, or toward the front of a vessel. 2. in front of a vessel.


The front of a vessel.


The left hand side of a ship facing the front or forward end. The port side of a ship during darkness is indicated by a red light. Was previously known as the larboard side but this created confusion with starboard and was changed.


The place where ships tie up to unload and load cargo. A wharf typically has front and rear loading docks (aprons), a transit shed, open (unshedded) storage areas, truck bays, and rail tracks.


A truck that have three main units. The front section where the driver sits is called the cab or the tractor (because it pulls a load). Cargo is loaded into the metal box (container), which is loaded onto the wheel base called a chassis or a trailer.


A heavy automotive vehicle used to transport cargo. In the maritime industry, cargo is often carried by tractor-trailers. The tractor is the front part of the vehicle, also called a cab. The trailer is the detachable wheeled chassis behind the tractor, on which containers or other cargoes are placed.


The area immediately in front of or behind a wharf shed on which cargo is lifted. On the 'front apron,' cargo is unloaded from or loaded onto a ship. Behind the shed, cargo moves over the 'rear apron' into and out of railroad cars.


1. An opening; particularly, the opening in the front of a camera through which light rays pass when a picture is taken. 2. The diameter of the objective of a telescope or other optical instrument, usually expressed in inches, but sometimes as the angle between lines from the principal focus to opposite ends of a diameter of the or a this line represents the intersection of the appropriate datum with the outer limits of vegetation and appears to the navigator as the shoreline
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