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The aqueous extract made by slowly cooking the mash of malted grains and pure water during brewing.

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An oil production ship equipped to extract petroleum.


A loose mixture of sand and water that yields to the pressure of heavy objects. Such objects are difficult to extract once they begin sinking.


The discipline which employs observations of an earth satellite to extract geodetic information.


A summary or copy of something written-used in conjunction with Log Books and shipping papers during accident investigations.


A device composed of two pipes, one inside the other, used to extract water from a well; the lower end of the pipes is submerged, and air is delivered through the inner pipe to form a mixture of air and water which rises in the outer pipe above the water in the well; also used to move corrosive liquids, mill tailings, and sand. Also known as air lift.


A process in which an aqueous caustic solution is used to extract mercaptans from refinery streams.


[CHEMENG] A method used to extract oil from citrus fruit; utilizes a machine which has abrasive carborundum rolls to rasp the peel from the fruit under a water spray; the water-and-peel mixture is screened and settled to allow oil separation.


To extract a soluble component from a solid mixture by washing or percolation processes.


Additive for protecting lubricated metal surfaces against chemical attack by water or other contaminants. There are several types of corrosion inhibitors. Polar compounds wet the metal surface preferentially, protecting it with a film of oil. Other compounds may absorb water by incorporating it in a water-in-oil emulsion so that only the oil touches the metal surface. Another type of corrosion inhibitor combines chemically with the metal to present a non- reactive surface.


The ability of a fluid that is insoluble in water to separate from water with which it may be mixed in the form of an emulsion.
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