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Automatic Life-Saving Emergency Radio Transmitter

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Automatic device for controlling adjustable gains or losses associated with transmission circuits to compensate for transmission changes caused by temperature variations, the control usually depending upon the resistance of a conductor or pilot wire having substantially the same temperature conditions as the conductors of the circuits being regulated.


1. A device used to convert mechanical motion into a proportional electric signal. 2. A mechanical device for automatic removal of the finished part from a press die.


An automatic acetylene cutter controlled by a mechanical pointer that traces a pattern; capable of cutting several duplicates simultaneously.


An instrument providing automatic and continuous indication of omnibearing.


1. An instrument used to measure continuously or at intervals a condition that must be kept within prescribed limits, such as radioactivity at some point in a nuclear reactor, a variable quantity in an automatic process control system, the transmissions in a communication channel or bank, or the position of an aircraft in flight. 2. To use meters or special techniques to measure such a condition. 3. A person who watches a monitor.


The time necessary for a machine to complete the automatic portion of a work cycle. Also known as independent machine time; machine element; machine time.


1. Controlling the frequency of an oscillator by means of an applied signal of constant frequency. 2. Automatic following of a target by a radar antenna.


An electronic circuit used to prevent the amplitude of an electronic waveform from exceeding a specified level while preserving the shape of the waveform at amplitudes less than the specified level. Also known as amplitude limiter; amplitude-limiting circuit; automatic peak limiter; clipper; clipping circuit; limiter circuit; peak limiter.


A type of automatic control in which the nature of control parameters and algorithms is modified by the actual experience of the system.


1. The automatic stopping of a machine when it is operating improperly. 2. The device that causes automatic stopping.

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