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Load and Resistance Factor Design Concept

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Ships built on the same design.


Maximum allowable working pressure is the maximum gauge pressure permissible in the top of a cargo tank for a designated temperature. This pressure is based on calculations for each element in a cargo tank using nominal thicknesses, exclusive of allowances for corrosion and thickness required for loadings other than pressure. It is the basis for the pressure setting of the pressure-relieving devices protecting the vessel which is known as the maximum allowable relief valve setting or MARVS. The design pressure may be used in place of the maximum allowable working pressure in cases where calculations are not made to determine the value of the latter.


A design for the stern of a yacht which is pointed, like a bow, rather than squared off as a transom.


The design angle of the hull at the keel relative to horizontal when viewing the cross section, or the distance of rise from the keel to a defined point on the hull.


A special fixture fitted to a vessel or incorporated into the design of certain aids to navigation to enhance their ability to reflect radar energy. In general, these fixtures will materially improve the visibility for use by vessels with radar.


A chronometer equipped with an electrical contact assembly and program wheel which automatically makes or breaks an electric circuit at precise intervals, the sequence and duration of circuitopen circuit closed conditions being recorded on a chronograph. The program sequence is controlled by the design of the program wheel installed. Various programs of make or break sequence, up to 60 seconds, are possible. In some chronometers the breaks occur every other second, on the even seconds, and a break occurs also on the 59th second to identify the beginning of the minute; in other chronometers, breaks occur every second except at the beginning of the minute. By recording the occurrence of events (such as star transits) on a chronograph sheet along with the chronometer breaks, the chronometer times of those occurrences are obtained.


The design dredging depth of a channel constructed by the Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army; the project depth may or may not be the goal of maintenance dredging after completion of the channel. For this reason federal project depth must not be confused with CONTROLLING DEPTH.


Equipment of a design that has been type-tested and approved by an appropriate authority such as a governmental agency or classification society. Such an authority will have certified the particular equipment as safe for use in a specified hazardous atmosphere.


A series of trials done at sea to determine whether the ship has met the specifications of design, modification, or repair


The pressure used in the design of a boiler for the purpose of determining the minimum permissible thickness or physical characteristics of the different parts of a boiler.
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