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Recreational Craft Directive

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A portion of a beach especially prepared with a hard surface extending into the water, employed for the purpose of loading or unloading directly into landing ships or landing craft


The change in the deviation of a magnetic compass when a craft heels, due to the change i


The magnetism acquired by soft iron while it is in a magnetic field. Soft iron will lose its induced magnetism when it is removed from a magnetic field. The strength and polarity of the induced magnetism will alter immediately as its magnetic latitude, or its orientation in a magnetic field, is changed. The induced mag- netism has an immediate effect upon the magnetic compass as the magnetic latitude or heading of a craft changes.


Position determination by means requiring no cooperation from the craft or vehicle.


Any craft designed for transportation on water, such as a ship or boat.


An inside protected route for small craft and small commercial vessels extending through New Jersey; from Norfolk, Virginia to Key West, Florida; across Florida from St. Lucie Inlet to Fort Myers, Charlotte Harbor, Tampa Bay, and Tarpon Springs; and from Carabelle, Florida, to Brownsville, Texas. Some portions are in exposed waters; some portions are very limited in depth.


A ship or craft designed to function as a floating barracks for housing military personnel.


To throw objects overboard, especially to lighten a craft in distress. Jettisoned objects that float are termed FLOTSAM; those that sink JETSAM; and heavy articles that are buoyed for future recovery, LAGAN.


A craft more or less similar to the Hovercraft insofar as it flies over water and thus eliminates friction between the water and the hull. Under acceleration it rises above water but remains in contact with the surface through supporting legs.


A cable carrying an electric current, signals from or the magnetic influence of which indicates the path to be followed by a craft equipped with suitable instruments.
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