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Australian Communication & Media Authority

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The officer who operates and controls the shipboard communication equipment.


The transfer of intelligence between points. If by wire, radio, or other electromagnetic means, it may be called tele- communication; if by radio, radiocommunication.


Coast Earth Station maritime name for an Inmarsat shore-based station linking ship earth stations with terrestrial communication networks


Standard Marine Communication Phrases an updated version of SMNV that includes phrases that have been developed to cover the most important safety-related fields of verbal communications


Ship Earth Station shipborne satellite communication station, used for exchanging messages with shore subscribers and ships


1. A satellite which contains power source to augment the output signal (i.e., reflected only) as contrasted with ACTIVE SATELLITE; a satellite which is a passive reflector. 2. As defined by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), an earth satellite intended to transmit radio communication signals by reflection.


The range of electromagnetic radiation useful for communication by radio (approximately 10 kilohertz to 300,000 megahertz).


As defined by the International Tele- communication Union (ITU), a radiodetermination station using radio direction finding.


As defined by the International Tele- communication Union (ITU) a radiodetermination-satellite service used for the same purposes as the radionavigation service; in certain cases this service includes transmission or retransmission of supplementary information necessary for the operation of radionavigation systems.


A defined area under the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) which regulates certain safety and communication equipment necessary according to the area of the ship’s operations. Sea Area A-1 is within coverage of VHF coast radio stations (25-30 miles) providing digital selective calling. Sea Area A-2 is within range of the medium frequency coast radio stations (to approximately 300 miles). Sea Area A-3 is within the footprint of the geostationary INMARSA T communications satellites, covering the rest of the open seas except the poles. Sea Area A-4 covers the rest of the earth, chiefly the polar areas. The areas do not overlap.
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