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(DA): Drift caused by bailout trajectory or aircraft gliding distance.

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A drift current of the northeast Indian Ocean located north of the Indian Equatorial Countercurrent and south of the Bay of Bengal. During February and March when the northeast monsoon decreases in intensity, the monsoon drift is formed from the outflow of the Strait of Malacca and a small amount of north- westward flow along the upper southwest coast of Sumatra. Off the southwest coast of Sumatra, a current generally sets southeast during all months. It is strongest during October through April. The monsoon drift broadens as it flows westward and divides off the east coast of Sri Lanka, part joining the circulation of the Bay of Bengal and part joining the flow from the Arabian Sea. During April, the transition period between monsoons, the monsoon drift is ill-defined. A counterclockwise circulation exists between Sumatra and Sri Lanka. During May through October, the monsoon drift flows east to southeast. During November and December part of the monsoon drift is deflected into the Bay of Bengal and the remainder turns clockwise and flows southeastward.


Term used to describe the difference between the set point and the actual operating or control point.


Waiting out a storm by dousing all sails and simply letting the boat drift.


Any device used to reduce a boat's drift before the wind.


A type of fishing boat designed to catch herring in a long drift net, long used in the Netherlands and Great Britain.


To drift in a current with an anchor dragging to provide control. Usually used with the word down, ie. club down


A board located on the navigation bridge used to display the course to steer, track, drift angle, leeway angle, compass error, etc.


To drift sideways while in forward motion


An identifiable float allowed to drift with ocean currents to determine their sets and drifts


A lead placed on the bottom to indicate movement of a vessel. At anchor the lead line is usually secured to the rail with a little slack and if the ship drags anchor, the line tends forward. A drift lead is also used to indicate when a vessel coming to anchor is dead in the water or when it is moving astern. A drift lead can be used to indicate current if a ship is dead in the water.
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