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Wind speed 41-48kts High waves, toppling crests. Beaufort scale.

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An intermediate shear rate viscometer that predicts the ability of an oil to permit a satisfactory cranking speed to be developed in a cold engine. (CCS)


A device for determining the course and speed over the ground in shallow water consisting of a lead or weight attached to a line. The lead is thrown overboard and allowed to rest on the bottom. The course over ground is indicated by the direction the line tends and the speed by the amount of line paid out in a unit of time.


Apparent viscosity in cP determined by Brookfield viscometer, which measures the torque required to rotate a spindle at constant speed in oil of a given temperature. Basis for ASTM Method D 2983; used for measuring low temperature viscosity of lubricants.


1. A sudden brief increase in the speed of the wind of more transient character than a squall, and followed by a lull or slackening of the wind. 2. The violet wind or squall that accompanies a thunder- storm.


A tidal current setting in a direction approximately opposite to the heading of a vessel. One setting in such a direction as to increase the speed of a vessel is called a FAIR TIDE. One abeam is called a BEA


The change of direction or speed of light as it passes from one medium to another.


Of or pertaining to high supersonic speed, of the order of five times the speed of sound, or greater


Condition in which either course or speed changes or both are required on the part of both ships if the ships are to avoid collision


The maximum efficient speed of a displacement-hulled vessel.


The maximum speed of a ship. Faster than 'full speed'.
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