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Machine that forms curved steel plate by passing over three offset rollers.

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Oil-insoluble materials that result from oxidation and decomposition of lube oil and contamination from external sources and engine blow-by. These can settle out on machine or engine parts. Examples are sludge, varnish, lacquer and carbon.


The progressive removal of a machine surface by cavitation or by particle impingement at high velocities.


Sudden, unexpected failure of a machine resulting in considerable cost and downtime.


Maintenance performed after a machine has failed to return it to an operating state.


An analytical method of assessing machine health by quantifying and examining ferrous wear particles suspended in the lubricant or hydraulic fluid.


A complex wear process where a machine surface is peeled away or otherwise removed by forces of another surface acting on it in a sliding motion.


The plates forming the outer side and bottom skin of the hull


A single wide plate that is butt-connected to two narrow plates, usually near the ends of a ship.


Maintenance performed according to a fixed schedule involving the routine repair and replacement of machine parts and components.


A chemical compound whose molecules exhibit electrically positive characteristics at one extremity and negative characteristics at the other. Polar compounds are used as additives in many petroleum products. Polarity gives certain molecules a strong affinity for solid surfaces; as lubricant additives (oiliness agents), such molecules plate out to form a tenacious, friction- reducing film. Some polar molecules are oil-soluble at one end and water-soluble at the other end; in lubricants, they act as emulsifiers, helping to form stable oil-water emulsions. Such lubricants are said to have good metal-wetting properties. Polar compounds with a strong attraction for solid contaminants act as detergents in engine oils by keeping contaminants finely dispersed.
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