A process of removing air from fluid lines or pipes.

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The physical or mechanical process of separating insoluble particulate matter from a fluid, such as air or liquid, by passing the fluid through a filter medium that will not allow the particulates to pass through it.


A small-flow valve connected to a fluid process vessel or line for the purpose of bleeding off small quantities of contained fluid.


Fluid system in which the process fluid is taken from and pumped back into the system, as in the circulation of distillation column bottoms through an external heater.


A fluid circulation process designed to remove contamination from the wetted surfaces of a fluid system.


A liquidsolid separation process wherein the main mechanism of suspended-solids removal is the change of apparent specific gravity of those suspended solids in relation to that of the suspending liquid by the attachment of small gas bubbles formed by the release of dissolved gas to the solids. Also known as air flotation.


Process for removal of minor constituents from fluids by stirring in direct contact with powdered or granulated adsorbents, or by passing the fluid through fixed-position adsorbent beds (activated carbon or ion-exchange resin); used to decolorize petroleum lubricating oils and to remove solvent vapors from air.


A valve used to drain off material that has separated from a fluid or gas stream, or one used to empty a process line, vessel, or storage tank.


A process in which air or oxygen is used to oxidize lead mercaptides to disulfides instead of using elemental sulfur.


Formation of an air or vapor pocket (or bubble) due to lowering of pressure in a liquid, often as a result of a solid body, such as a propeller or piston, moving through the liquid; also, the pitting or wearing away of a solid surface as a result of the collapse of a vapor bubble. Cavitation can occur in a hydraulic system as a result of low fluid levels that draw air into the system, producing tiny bubbles that expand explosively at the pump outlet, causing metal erosion and eventual pump destruction.


A finned coil, used in air cooling, inside of which circulates a cold fluid or evaporating refrigerant. Abbreviated DX coil.

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