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A process of removing air from fluid lines or pipes.

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The physical or mechanical process of separating insoluble particulate matter from a fluid, such as air or liquid, by passing the fluid through a filter medium that will not allow the particulates to pass through it.


A small-flow valve connected to a fluid process vessel or line for the purpose of bleeding off small quantities of contained fluid.


[CHEMENG] Oil refinery catalytic process in which hydrogen is contacted with petroleum intermediate or product streams to remove impurities, such as oxygen, sulfur, nitrodirect indication of the amount of moisture in the air or other gas, the indication usually being in terms of relative humidity as a percentage which the moisture present bears to the maximum amount of moisture that could be present at the location temperature without condensation taking place.


A finned coil, used in air cooling, inside of which circulates a cold fluid or evaporating refrigerant. Abbreviated DX coil.


Drilling a hole when using air or gas in lieu of conventional drilling fluid as the circulating medium; an adaptation of rotary drilling.


A moving body of solids in which particles (granules, pellets, beads, or briquets) flow downward by gravity through a vessel, while process fluid flows upward; the moving-bed technique is used in blast and shaft furnaces, petroleum catalytic cracking, pellet dryers, and coolers.


Pressure testing of a process vessel by the use of air pressure.


Process for removal of minor constituents from fluids by stirring in direct contact with powdered or granulated adsorbents, or by passing the fluid through fixed-position adsorbent beds (activated carbon or ion-exchange resin); used to decolorize petroleum lubricating oils and to remove solvent vapors from air.


A tower in the lead chamber process for manufacturing sulfuric acid; in this tower the nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, and air mixture is passed upward and sprayed with a sulfuric acid-nitrosyl sulfuric acid mixture.


A process in which air or oxygen is used to oxidize lead mercaptides to disulfides instead of using elemental sulfur.

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