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To box the compass is to name the thirty-two points of the compass in order.

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Normal particles between 20 and 40 microns found in gear box and rolling element bearing oil samples observed by analytical ferrography. A sudden increase in the size and quantity of these particles indicates excessive wear.


A perforated or slotted pipe or box inside the drum and connected to the steam outlet.


The section of a ship that houses the propulsion shaft, running from the engine room to the stuffing box or stern tube.


This is a container parking lot, or any open area where containers are stored in a precise order according to the ship loading plan. Containers terminals may use a grounded or wheeled layout. If the cargo box is placed directly on the ground, it is called a grounded operation. If the box is on


Slang term for a container


A truck that have three main units. The front section where the driver sits is called the cab or the tractor (because it pulls a load). Cargo is loaded into the metal box (container), which is loaded onto the wheel base called a chassis or a trailer.


A small compass mounted in a box for small craft. use


A strong steel box of standard dimensions of 8 feet square and length of 20 feet or 40 feet, in which cargo is preloaded.


A bolt threaded through or welded at each end, into two spaced sheets of a firebox or box header to support flat surfaces against internal pressure.


A device used to check the performance of the transmitter and receiver of a radar set. Such device does not provide any indication of performance as it might be affected by the propagation of the radar waves through the atmosphere. An echo box is used in one type of performance monitor called an echo box performance monitor.
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