The smallest (root) diameter of thread.

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The projection of circular motion on a diameter of the circle of such motion. Simple harmonic motion is produced if the circular motion is of constant speed. The combination of two or more simple harmonic motions results in compound harmonic motion.


Inside diameter of a cylinder.


Fog composed of suspended particles of ice, partly ice crystals 20 to 100 microns in diameter but chiefly, especially when dense, droxtals 12 to 20 microns in diameter. It occurs at very low temper- atures, and usually in clear, calm weather in high latitudes. The sun is usually visible and may cause halo phenomena. Ic


The perpendicular distance between a ship's course when the helm is put hard over and her course when she has turned through 180 degrees; the ratio of the tactical diameter divided by the ship's length between perpendiculars gives a dimensionless parameter which can be used to compare the manoeuverability of ships.


1. An opening; particularly, the opening in the front of a camera through which light rays pass when a picture is taken. 2. The diameter of the objective of a telescope or other optical instrument, usually expressed in inches, but sometimes as the angle between lines from the principal focus to opposite ends of a diameter of the or a this line represents the intersection of the appropriate datum with the outer limits of vegetation and appears to the navigator as the shoreline


The ratio of the diameter of the objective to the focal length of an optical instrument


A ring-shaped coral reef which has closely spaced islands or islets on it enclosing a central area or lagoon. The diameter may vary from less than a mile to 80 or more.


A stone particle between 64 and 256 millimeters (about 2.5 to 10 inches) in diameter


The longest diameter of an ellipse or ellipsoid.


The projection of two or more uniform circular motions on a diameter of the circle of such motion. The projection of a simple uniform circular motion is called SIMPLE HARMONIC MOTION.

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