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A pipe for cables.

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The flow velocity of one phase of a multiphase flow, assuming that the phase occupies the whole conduit by itself. It may also be defined by the relationship (Phase volume flow rate / Pipe cross-section).


A pipe or conduit (sewer) intended to carry wastewater wastes from homes, businesses, and industries to the POTW (Publicly Owned Treatment Works). Storm water runoff or unpolluted water should be collected and transported in a separate system of pipes or conduits (storm sewers) to natural watercourses.


A chamber in line with a pipe or tunnel and of larger diameter than the conduit containing liquid or gas, to allow lowering of pressure within the conduit by expansion of the fluid.


A pipe leading to the bottom of an oil or water tank, for guiding a sounding tape or jointed rod when measuring the depth of liquid in the tank.
Sounding pipes in the engine room are normally fitted with deadweight cocks and screw caps. Caps and cocks should be closed at all times, except when sounding tanks.


The drain connection including the pipe and the valve at the lowest practical part of a boiler, or at the normal water level in the case of a surface blowdown. The amount of water blown down.


A tube or pipe in a boiler or waterwall circulating system through which fluid flows downward between headers.


For a single orifice the beta ratio is the ratio of the orifice bore diameter to that of the upstream pipe diameter. However, since in burner designs typically there is more than one orifice at a riser pipe exit, the beta ratio is equal to the square root of the ratio between total area of the fuel ports to that of the upstream pipe area.


A covering, usually of insulating material, on pipe or ducts.


A pipe or header for collecting a fluid from, or the distributing of a fluid to a number of pipes or tubes.


A distribution pipe supplying a number of smaller lines tapped off of it. A main receiving pipe supplying one or more main pipe lines and receiving a number of supply lines tapped into it.

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