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Russian - American satellite system designed to detect distress beacons transmitting on the frequencies 121.5 MHz, 243 MHz and 406 MHz.

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(EPIRB) - a buoy type device used for man overboard and in liferafts and lifeboats to send a signal to a satellite system that relays the position of the person(s) in distress to effect their rescue.


A satellite system designed to detect distress beacons transmitting on the frequency 406 MHz


Global Maritime Distress and Safety System a global communications service based upon automated systems, both satellite and terrestrial, to provide distress alerting and promulgation of maritime safety information for mariners


A defined area under the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) which regulates certain safety and communication equipment necessary according to the area of the ship’s operations. Sea Area A-1 is within coverage of VHF coast radio stations (25-30 miles) providing digital selective calling. Sea Area A-2 is within range of the medium frequency coast radio stations (to approximately 300 miles). Sea Area A-3 is within the footprint of the geostationary INMARSA T communications satellites, covering the rest of the open seas except the poles. Sea Area A-4 covers the rest of the earth, chiefly the polar areas. The areas do not overlap.


Global Navigation Satellite System Worldwide position and time determination system that includes one or more satellite constellations and receivers.


A satellite navigation system developed by the Department of Defense. The system is provides highly accurate position and velocity information in three dimen- sions and precise time and time interval on a global basis continuously, to an unlimited number of users. It is unaffected by weather and provides a worldwide common grid reference system. The objective of the program is to provide very precise position information for a wide spectrum of military missions. In addition, current policy calls for civil availability with a slight degradation in system accuracy required to protect U.S. national security interests.


Global Navigation Satellite System (see GNSS)


A satellite tracking system which operates by transmission of signals to and receipt of responses from the satellite


International Mobile Satellite Organization operator of a system of geostationary satellites for worldwide mobile communications services and which supports GMDSS


Mission control centre of the Cospas-Sarsat system that accepts alert messages from the local user terminals (LUTs) and other mission control centres to distribute to the appropriate rescue coordination centres or other search and rescue points of contact.

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