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A decorative incision along the sheer of a vessel often picked out in gold or another contrasting colour.

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The longitudinal curve of a vessel's decks in a vertical plane. Due to sheer, a vessel's deck height above the baseline is higher at the stem and stern than at amidships


A unit of measurement equal to the space occupied by a standard twenty foot container. Used in stating the capacity of container vessel or storage area. One 40 ft. Container is equal to two TEU's.


The vertical distance from the molded baseline to the top of the freeboard deck beam at side, measured at midlength of the ship


An officially designated offshore area for the burning of chemical waste by specially equipped vessels. The depiction of incineration areas on charts (in conjunction with radio warnings) is necessary to insure that passing vessels do not mistake the burning of waste for a vessel on fire.


The mooring lines extending from the foremost part of a vessel to the shore usually leading forward preventing movement astern.


The flowing back of used, contaminated, or polluted water from a plumbing fixture or vessel into the pipe which feeds it; caused by reduced pressure in the pipe.


A cable or rope used in securing a ship


  1. Having freedom of motion interfered with by collision or entanglement; entangled; the opposite of clear. For instance, a rope is foul when it does not run straight or smoothly, and an anchor is foul when it is caught on an obstruction.
  2. A breach of racing rules.
  3. An area of water treacherous to navigation due to many shallow obstructions such as reefs, sandbars, or many rocks, etc.
  4. Foul the range: To block another vessel from firing her guns at a target.


A glass vessel with two electrodes at a definite distance apart and filled with a solution whose conductivity is to be measured.


A buoy which, when viewed from a vessel approaching from the open sea or in the same direction as the main stream of flood current, or in the direction established by appropriate author- ity, indicates the place at which two channels meet.

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