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In radar plotting the closest point of approach of a target in miles.

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In the operation of automated radar plotting aids, the process of observing the sequential changes in the position of a target to establish its motion.


One of the three basic orientations of display of relative or true motion on a radarscope. In the BASE COURSE UP orientation, the target pips are painted at their measured distances and in their directions relative to a preset base course of own ship maintained UP in relation to the display. This orientation is most often used with automated radar plotting systems. Also called COURSE UP. See also HEAD UP, NORTH UP.


A number of radar stations located at various sites on a missile range to enable complete radar coverage during a missile flight; the stations are linked by data and communication lines for target acquisition, target positioning, or data-recording purposes.


The echo generated e.g. by a vessel on a radar screen


Automatic radar plotting aids.


Radar equipment specifically designed to determine range, azimuth, and elevation of a target and sometimes also to automatically aim and fire antiaircraft artillery or other guns.


Radar echoes which may occur when a strong echo is received from another ship at close range. A second or third or more echoes may be observed on the radarscope at double triple, or other multiples of the actual range of the radar target, resulting from the echo’s being reflected by own ship back to the target and received once again as an echo at a multiple of the preceding range to the target. This term should not be confused with MULTIPLE-TRACE ECHO.


False indications of the movement of a target relative to own ship on a radar display that is unstabilized in azimuth due to continuous reorientation of the display as own ship's heading changes.


  1. Radar in which the target is fitted with a transponder and in which the target retransmits automatically on the interrogating frequency, or a different frequency. The response may be coded. 2. As defined by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a radiodetermination system based on the comparison of reference signals with radio signals re-transmitted from the position to be determined.


Electronic Plotting Aid electronic plotting device for radars

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